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Having trained security personnel safeguarding your facility can prove to be a big benefit for your business as it actively prevents vandalism, theft and common misbehavior from occurring at the site making it a safer place for everyone to be in and around. When one imagines a security guard scene from movies instantly appear large men in black wearing headpieces, holding walkie talkies and showing punching here and there. However, the real world, unfortunately, is not that vibrant and most likely such a scene will rarely occur. Rather the the mere presence of a guard in uniform asserts enough authority to repel bad behavior.

Below I have listed 6 major ways in which hiring a guard or door supervisor will impact your business

1)      It creates a great impression.  

The presence of a guard at your facility whether it be a corporate office, public building or small business creates a big impression. It tells the people within the type of business you are, that you care about the good fare of your employees or the general public.

2)      Reduces stress

Hiring a guard allows the client peace of mind that their property is being protected at all times, therefore, reducing their stress. A security guard has both the client's financial and physical back, therefore, they are free to focus on the efficient and effective running of their business.

3)      Ready and Alert

Unlike the public security sector (police), hired security guards are required to respond immediately as they are on site. Here at Safezone Protect, we discipline our guards through training thus they are always taught to be alert and respond quickly and in an appropriate manner to the situation at hand.

4)      Deterrent

With the hiring of a guard shoplifting, nuisance behavior, employee theft and crime at the site are all likely to reduce a significate amount with on-site security.

5)      Adaptable

Security guards here at Safezone Protect are all adaptable to different roles therefore clients can use they’re for specific tasks when needed. For example, here at Safezone, a number of our guards adapt from the role of a door supervisor to concierge once the receptionist leaves.

6)      Management- Often during busy periods maintaining order a become difficult therefore having a guard at hand who is able do this whilst your staff remain busy with customer service duties.

Here at Safezone, we provide top quality guards with the best training available in the business. We recruit only the most enthusiastic of candidates who we believe can get the job is done and allocates them to sites which suit their individual personality. Likewise, we take into consideration the specifications of our clients and allocate the best possible person.

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