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Safezone Protect is a medium-size organization with fixed base operations in Kenya, servicing security solution contracts throughout Kenya from its region headquarter in Nairobi.

Safezone offers a full spectrum of security services ranging from the static guard, electronic security and surveillance equipment.

Similarly, Safe zone substantial investments in technical resources and training have been contributed to the company standing as a market dealer in the field of security electronics.

Our team on technical/Security expert is at client disposal 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Safezone is specializing in the provision of security products, services, and solutions. Safezone Protect Ltd Services are affiliated to Inovet Systems Ltd a technical company that is specialized in electronic security work and human safety devices in Kenya and its environs. This includes the supply and installation of various products through CCTV- Video Surveillance, Access control systems, Fire Detection systems, Intrusion detection systems, time and Attendance biometric systems, domestic electrical installations, structured cabling, commercial and industrial electrical installations.

Safezone Protect Ltd is registered under the Companies Act Cap 486 of Laws of Kenya and incorporated as a Private Ltd Liability The company which is currently

operating mainly within Nairobi and other Kenyan regions such as Rift Valley and Western (Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Busia, Kitale, Kakamega, Bungoma, and Kisii but have the capability and plan to project quality security solutions all over Kenya and beyond.

We specialize in provision of integrated risk solutions, events management and logistical support around a dedicated project manager.


Key Areas of operation

Safezone Protect operates primarily in urban residential and commercial areas where we provide quality security management to individual’s corporate, government and humanitarian organizations.

In a people, you have to have confidence in the people you do business with and in this area Safezone Protect excels, by providing trusted professionals with the capability to provide in-depth knowledge about their area and the capacity and credibility to deliver first-class integrated solutions.


Our Core values

Being the better link with your security, we listen and understand what the customers need, we then research, develop and deliver solutions that meet those needs.

We insist on approaching our work from the position of knowledge. Our products and services are vigorously tested, monitored procedurally and backed up exhaustively. We ensure that any work we undertake is fully resourced and supported in order to provide nothing but the best service possible. We insist that our security officers have the knowledge to stand by their convictions and have the experience to do the right thing.

In environments where corruption and manipulation of people and standards is rife, Safezone Protect maintains a dignified approach, providing nothing but the best practices and setting standards for others to follow. The company will never take on unethical work and constantly strives to ensure that employees receive the remuneration and rewards that they deserve.



Whilst it is expected that each client will make an effort to properly insure himself against loss, we provide an indemnity of up to 2,000,000.00/= per event for any loss  suffered by our clients where such loss has been shown to have occurred following negligence on the part of personnel whilst acting in the course of their duty. However, the compensation is done immediately upon completion of an investigation by both our company investigators and other legal investigative bodies that might be brought forth by the client. Our comprehensive investigation usually takes the shortest time possible.



Safezone Protect has ventured into the integration of man-guarding and electronic security systems which monitors activities and personnel movements within the assignment during both day and night shifts. This monitoring ranges from guard’s signing in and signing out time, emergencies and other urgent security needs.

All these are monitored LIVE at Safezone Control Centre and become a vital advantage to our clients at no cost but at Safezones’ cost. This art greatly helps Safezone to act swiftly on emergencies and any eventualities arising at the client’s premises. In addition, we also have electronic mechanisms that a client can hire for prompt and efficient performance as per the SOP stipulations e.g


v     Bio-Metric Guard Patrol System – On Request

Safezone Protect uses the Bio-Metric Guard Patrol System to guarantee that client‘s premises are receiving the contracted number of patrols, and that all specified areas of a premise are patrolled. Bio-Metric guard Patrol System “buttons” are strategically placed around a client‘s property, in consultation with the client. When carrying a patrol, the guard “presses “the button and the button electronically record each touch. This information is later downloaded and a Bio-Metric Guard Patrol report is provided to the client at specified intervals .The Bio-Metric Guard Patrol System is considered state of the art within the security industry. Bio-Metric Guard Patrol report cannot be falsified and the system cannot be cheated.


Local Security doyen

Primarily a ground operator, Safezone Protect has experienced at first hand the ground truth and developed the necessary systems, procedures and resources to serve our clients from a point of experience acknowledge.

Other Operational Services

We specialize in the provision of integrated risk solutions tailored to suit our client’s needs to risk and budget. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and intelligent security that enables you to mitigate risk and protect your employees and property at all times. Our security specialists will work closely with you to develop the systems and procedures to achieve that goal. Where necessary, we will act on a primary contractor basis and co-ordinate, lead and manage the provision of security services. If the best expertise cannot be found within, Safezone Protect own internal resources, we will source the best from elsewhere and provide under, Safezone Protect the umbrella. We provide bespoke and off the shelf solutions to client problems.


Sector of service

Safezone Protect has a wide and varied capacity to handle client base encompassing multinational corporations, governments NGOs, private corporations and individuals. We apply a holistic approach to security in common principles, factors, and measures are applied to diverse industries. We also believe that our people need to develop a deep understanding of systems and processes in each industry.

Our primary role is to reduce our client’s exposure to loss in order that they can improve upon their profitability. To that end, our greatest measure of success is when the client is free to concentrate on his core activities while we partner them in their loss reduction objectives.


Radio Network

Safezone Protect officers are equipped with Motorola GTX handheld two – way radios. This state of the art Radio permits conversation through the Smart Net Trucking System as well conventional repeater operation, thus giving very reliable operation over the entire base operations area.


Security Operation’s

 Dog services

Events security management

Executive Protection

Manned guarding

Events trained security officers


Security investigations management.

Vetting of employees /personnel

Dog Section / Dog Handling

Dogs are the most reliable and consistent factor in the detection of illegal substances and firearms and are effective in searches of people, transport and property. We provide expertly trained dogs and dog team for the detection of explosives and firearms, drugs cash, tobacco, illegal immigrant, cadaver and hydrocarbons as well as rescue dogs. We, therefore, deploy them according to the specific duty to be carried out.

In addition to deployment, we train private canines and even their handlers at very pocket friendly prices.

Guard service

We have built our reputation for manned guarding on the tenets of rigorous selection, profession training and layers are of supervision both physical and electronic. We have develope0d what we believe to be nothing but the best training program in the industry. It covers modules such as search procedures, first Aid, patrolling, observation and dealing with the public.

A properly selected, a well-trained security officer is nothing without supervision and we go to great lengths to provide nothing but the best. Supervisors, field officers and management visit guards in turns to ensure that the supervisor is supervised as he supervises the guards.



We ensure that the security officer is fully vetted including developed source vetting. All guards are thoroughly vetted by our staff prior to and during training. The internal vetting procedures include a thorough examination of all employee's past employment history which includes where situations merit it, interviews the past employers. External vetting procedures include but not confined to the authentication of documents presented as well as confirmation of certificates of good conduct from the criminal investigation department.



Supervision and monitoring of the security officer’s performance is the area in which SAFEZONE PROTECT LTD puts the most effort. In addition to welfare visits by the supervisors and management, we employ many technological measures of performance and we harness them to a strong code of conduct. Depending on the code of conduct, we treat, train, transfer or terminate but we never tolerate breaches of our code.


Reward System

Our people are rewarded for good work and we firmly believe that excellent compensation rates form an integral part of the factors needed to motivate personnel in the security industry. We want our team members to be paid a wage superior to others in the geographical area of operation as this leads to improved motivation and consequently increases the level of security offered. Consequently, we will never knowingly underpay our people.

We also pay special attention to the other factors which motivate our people. For example, the uniform and his pride in wearing it, the attention and recognition of management, the ongoing training, the quality of his equipment, variation in working routine, how problems are resolved, the length of leave and rest periods.



We believe in people working together and continuously improving. It is only through detailed research and training that, Safezone Protect can maintain its edge and motivation. All of our personnel undergo induction training, basic training, as well as assignment specific training and we, encourage and support vocational training especially where it benefits us. We incorporate regular refresher training and include remedial training as a central tenet in our disciplinary system. Training records are meticulously maintained and available to our clients for inspection.


The required capacity to train our personnel throughout the year also allows, Safezone Protect the scope to assist clients with their training needs. We can provide bespoke courses to a wide range of security-related functions from managers down to private guards. We train and practice personnel on the use of security systems and procedures. Providing employees with the specialist capabilities and skills they require.


Refresher Training

Refreshing training is an important part of our desire to provide continuous improvement. Refresher training will take 2forms: training that happens concurrently while a person is on duty and periods set- aside for formal re-certification training



Ø          Customer care

Ø          Paramilitary

Ø          Hospitality

Concurrent Training

We will provide concurrent training during an assignment. Security officers will be given quick 5 or 10-minute questions and answer periods to remind and revise common procedures and likely incidents. Security officers will be required to answer specific questions. We also provide security officers with regular written information or recent case studies, attacks and recent developments around the world on terrorist and criminal activities. We provide reading material to security officers to enhance their knowledge of different security subjects.


Re- Certification Training

A guard will be taken from the line of two days (16 hours) re-certification training at least once in every 12 month period. Whilst variety is an important ingredient in training, we also consider the constant practice of basic drills to be a central tenet the day- to- day operations.

Uniforms shall be inspected during parades to ensure that required maintenance is being performed so that an excellent standard of appearance is presented at all times. All replacement uniforms shall be maintained in strict compliance with contractual requirements. We currently maintain a stock of uniforms and equipment items with the result that unserviceable items can be replaced at short notice.

At all times, during duty hours, complete uniforms shall be worn and presented during parades and during visits to ensure that all security officers are wearing clean and complete uniforms. Inspection of uniforms during parades shall also include a routine examination of grooming standards. Security officers shall be inspected during each parade for the following.

                       Each shirt shall bear an approved patch

                       Trousers must fit properly.

                       The  sweater is to be worn only in accordance  with its designated use

                       No lettering design or design undergarment shall be visible.

                       Only official Safezone Protect issued badges shall be worn.

                       Security officers shall be clean and neatly groomed

                       Hair must be natural hair color, clean, neatly groomed and shall not fall over the eyes or exceed the top of the collar.

                       Modified hairstyles are accepted if they allow for proper wearing of headgear.

                       No decorations shall be worn in the hair.

                   Items used to hold the hair in place shall be concealed as much as possible and be a color and style that bend within the hair.

                       The face shall be kept clean-shaven.


We are majorly in Nairobi and now growing in parts of the Western region mainly in Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Kakamega, Migori, Kitale, Malaba, Trans-nzoia, Bungoma and Kisii. We are projecting our operational network towards Eastern, North Eastern, Central and Coast where we intend also to established management and response (MRT) facilities.

As a default, all guards will work throughout the month in a daily 12-hour shift. Replacement of guards and guidettes is done whenever the regular ones are either off duty or on annual leave.


Operational Team

Any new guard placed at the client’s premises shall have been introduced formally prior to induction. All guards are suitably uniformed and provided with the appropriate tools of the trade and are supervised by the mobile supervision team a minimum of twice by day and twice by night. Our operational network is evenly spread within the regions under our sphere of operation to ensure that each clients’ specific needs are timely attended to by the respectively assigned office bearers.


To be the best Events and most sought after integrated security solutions provider in East Africa and beyond exceeding all our clients and shareholders expectations in secure solutions in businesses and a broad range of services to both private and government sectors


To be among the first choice of professional integrated security services and solutions to our esteemed customers in Kenya and within the region